Raves from our customers …

“The ceramic coating on my Tiara is everything you said it would be. It looks awesome and cleanup is a breeze now. If you need a referral you can count me in. Happy to recommend you to any perspective client.”


39 Tiara

“I’ve had two Teslas, a Raptor, an Explorer, and my boat ceramic coated by A&M Ceramic Coating.  Not only is the coating durable but also helps keep my vehicles clean much longer and easier to wash.

Joe Cioffi, the owner of A&M, is great to work with and goes out of his way to make sure you get the best coating.

I’ve been an A&M customer for several years.  It’s a pleasure dealing with Joe and his crew and I highly recommend A&M for your ceramic coating needs.”

Steve M.

Venice, FL

“Joe put a ceramic coat on my Whaler Dauntless 270 last year.  It cleaned up beautiful when we came back to Florida in early November. Looking forward to scheduling the annual detailing and touch up!”

Dave Warren


“Others commenting on the protection A&M Ceramic Coating provides for their boats, rave about how the finish maintains its “brand new” look.  Being the owner of a Back Cove 41 with a dark blue hull and living in the Florida sunshine, I couldn’t agree more.  But I’d also like to talk about something others have not – the quality of the workmanship.  One can have a great ceramic product, but if it is not applied properly and thoroughly, it won’t live up to its promise. 

Though young in age, Joe and his team apply the coating as one would expect from “old-world” masters who truly know what they are doing – meticulous and professional, treating each job (and I’ve had both my car and boat coated) as if they were doing it for themselves.  He and his team have demonstrated their willingness to strive for perfection, and I believe that’s why his clients can and do rave about the end results.  If you are considering a ceramic coat for your special toy, it’s simple – see the team at A&M Ceramic Coating!”

Adam Levin


“I am amazed at how great our 24 AVENGER looks after coating the boat. I was very impressed at how thorough and detailed you and your crew are, spending 2 days going over every inch of the boat. I would have to say after the boat was completed it looked better then the day I took possession from the factory. It’s a pleasure to clean the boat after a day on the water, a quick rinse and we are all set. In this day in time it’s great to see guys that take such pride in what they do. Thank you!!!! Great job!!!”

Joe Mignano

Boca Grande, FL

“A&M Ceramic is the best, easiest, least expensive way to keep your boat literally glistening and looking new all the time!. I manage several yachts from 44-100′. All have ceramic coating on exterior materials. All it takes is a rinse and dry 1x per week for crew to keep the yachts clean and spot/rust free.  No more scrubbing, cleaning agents, polishes, rust removers, buffing & waxing. It saves our boat owners on yearly costs and the crew lots of time on maintenance. On a personal note, when I walk around marinas and admire all the boats, I look first at the anchor and anchor compartment. Most look years older than the boat/yacht.  Ours looks spit shined all the time!”

Lauren Epidy

Image Yacht Charters

“I am extremely pleased with the ceramic coating that A&M Ceramic Coating applied to my yacht almost two years ago. The team spent several days preparing the surface to make sure the finish would be perfect. Two years later it still shines like new.”

Lee Fowinkle

President and Chief Technology Officer, InformedDNA

“I was given Joe Cioffi’s name from a childhood friend of mine who had Joe coat his boat. My friend swore it was the best money he ever spent. This intrigued me because this particular friend was very tight with his money and if he thought the ceramic coating was worth it, then I definitely wanted to give it a try.

This was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. The boat looks absolutely fantastic. I come to Florida every 5-6 weeks and all I have to do is hose the boat off – no scrubbing – and it literally looks like it just got waxed. I am a fisherman and after a day off-shore, a hose and, at most, a quick wipe with a brush takes off all dried blood and scales. Joe’s level of detail is, quite honestly, hard to believe. All hatches, hatch covers, bright work, bolsters – everything. I have a teal green 33 Seahunter and it is a complete showstopper every time I use it. Best money you can spend – I guarantee. I highly recommend Joe and I can honestly say this is the only recommendation I have ever written and will probably ever write. Awesome!”

Jaimie Birchnell


“I want to thank you very much for putting a ceramic coating on my New Back Cove 37. I have to admit that I am especially particular about my boat and your work has made me love it even more. Everyone that sees my Victory notices the brilliant shine. It is also a breeze to clean after traveling – all I have to do is hose it off and nothing clings. I also strongly recommend your annual refresher. The shine is unbelievable. Your work is great and well worth the cost. Thank you!”

John and Trixy Corley

2018 Back Cove 37 Victory

“Joe’s angels showed up today.  This 42 Whaler is 5 years old and even after intense Florida sun on her every day, fish hard, blood, washings, traffic, and ocean salt – the coating is still amazing. The wash job on this boat is so easy – a splash of soap and water only, hose it down, and a leaf blower to dry her off. Like I said, Joe’s angels flew in today and for 10 hours 5 of them found imperfections I never knew were there, did their thing, and I cannot tell you how much the fiberglass shines, like you can reach into the coating, a mirror finish.

If you’re into keeping things looking new, take pride in owning your vessels, just stop and call Joe’s Angels at A&M Ceramic Coating. Really amazing – cannot say enough how enjoyable this coating makes ease of ownership. This Whaler lways attracts a crowd at the dock and folks ask when I got it and I tell them she’s 5 years – a true show stopper! Joe – thanks to you and your crew (angels) – Made in America!”

Peter McCauley

Anna Maria Island, Florida

“Joe and his team have done two of our boats with his full ceramic coating system. Being a leading manufacturer of roofing products and a variety of coatings ourselves, we test everything in our own lab before it gets applied to any personal home, car, boat, etc. After testing A&M’s coating to the rest on the market we found it to be one of the best out there. Just having done the one year maintenance on our 37ft center console, the coating held up better than any of us could have expected. A&M’s attention to detail along with this coating system easily sets them apart from the competition.”

Kieran Hyer

Gardner-Gibson, Inc., Property and Projects Manager

“I don’t know where to begin to say how impressed I am with Joe and his services! He is so responsive, his work is fantastic, and his end product is simply amazing! I have had numerous people say my boats look brand new. Dirt does not stick and water beads right off. I have recommended his work to many other boat owners as I am a very satisfied customer!”

Baker Bahlman


“Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the ceramic coating you applied to our 26′ Gause boat. Just as you had said, when we get to the dock we just hose it off and we are done. Previously, after a day of fishing, we expected to spend 2-3 hours scrubbing and cleaning so that it retained its great shine. Well, we no longer have to do that and usually spend about 20 minutes simply washing with good old water! That means we can stay out longer fishing and not dread returning to the dock. Our boat shines like it’s brand new and we couldn’t be happier!!!  Thanks again for the amazing job you do and the great product you have created!”

Judy and Frank Bagwell

Frostproof, FL

“I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for introducing me to your ceramic coating for our boat! As you know, the boat has a dark blue and black hull color, which is very susceptible to oxidation. The boat would look good when it was newly waxed, but this would fade quickly and look oxidized within a couple months. It was labor intensive to say the least, keeping up with the oxidation. This was especially true in the hot summer months! After the ceramic coating was placed, the hull looked and shined like it was brand new! The best part is that it’s now been five months since it was done, and it still looks fantastic! It now only requires a yearly maintenance to keep it looking great!”

Bob Osbourne

Punta Gorda, FL

“We just moved down to Florida from Wisconsin and never had to deal with the damage salt water and intense sun can do to a boat. Our Cobalt 25′ SC was brand new and after about 6 – 8 months of sitting on the lift, its looks were already beginning to deteriorate – the fiberglass, chrome, upholstery, canvas, and carpet. The windows were so covered with salt, I couldn’t even get it off. It was driving me crazy! Now that you have applied the ceramic coating, it’s the difference between night and day. There is no problem with the salt sticking to the windows or anywhere else. A couple of spots on the carpet came right up with just a little spritz of water. It’s pretty amazing! You, Alex, and the whole crew were all very personable, hard-working, dependable, thorough and punctual – showing up when you said you would. Thanks to you, our new boating experience in Florida is more play and less work!”

Tom & Joyce Griffin

Punta Gorda, FL

“I want to thank you for advising me to get the ceramic coating on my boat. As you know this boat has a darker hull and wax was needed every other month. Now it has been 8 months and I haven’t done anything to it other than spray the hose at it to wash off dirt. The salt spray comes off with just a quick spray down also. The isinglass cleanup is exactly the same, just spray the hose for a few minutes I don’t dry it off or anything. Yet it has a clear look with no salt stains or salt spray left on it. Clean up is great, no expense for waxing and many people ask me in different marinas how I keep the boat looking so good. Thanks again, I have a 34 Nor Tec on order, and I am going to have the ceramic coating applied to the new boat for sure.”

John Todd

Punta Gorda, FL

“I wanted to thank you for the ceramic coating of the Azimut. This stuff is amazing. The future in paint protection and easy cleaning just arrived! I was in Boston with the yacht all summer docked next to the airport. I just had to rinse the boat for 2 1/2 months. I’ve only had to take a brush to it one time after 3 1/2 months! This ceramic coat is super – makes my life so much easier.
Thank you again! I also love your one to two year maintenance.”

Captain Bernhard Friedrich